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Powcloud- Resuable Makeup Removing Pads

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Remove All The Makeup With One Swipe

This makeup remover is the best option on the market. Powcloud is a perfect and healthy option for removing makeup instantly, without wasting more time than you should.

The delicate microfibers run smoothly on the nooks and crannies of your face to absorb all the products. You only need to water it to get the perfect face cleanse.
When done, just wash it with water and repeat. Powcloud can be used for no less than 200 wash cycles! Save money on hundreds of wipes by buying only one pad! 


Instant face cleanse- One swipe is all it takes for Powcloud to clear your face from all the products. With some water, everything comes off.

Save on hundreds of wipes- Why waste money and time with wipes when you can use Powcloud for 200 wash cycles.

Healthiest removing option- With some water, the pad can clean your face in an instant. The simple solutions are always the best.

Powcloud is the ultimate choice- There is a new and better way to remove makeup! Pour it in water and remove all the makeup with a single swipe.