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AcneCare- Green Tea Purifying Clay Stick Mask

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Clear your face with AcneCare Clay Stick Mask!

Clear your face up with a product that can actually remove your blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, and mold from your skin. Leaving your face feeling clean and fresh and also radiant. The best product for people who have acne-prone skin.


Premium Ingredient - The green tea clay stick mask contains green tea extract, which can Soften keratin, effectively deeply clean up skin dirt, Oil-control, and water replenishment. Eggplant clay stick mask contains eggplant plant extracts, which can effectively Balance oil, nourish and moisturize.

Skin Benefits - The green tea solid mask is used after cleansing, it can effectively Soften and remove skin stratum corneum, replenish skin moisture, improve skin condition, and soothe the skin. Reduces blackheads, controls oil, and keeps beautiful skin.

Precise Application - The texture is fine and smooth, easy to spread, easy to apply. Spinout the paste and apply it to the face. Apply evenly to the face and leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse off after it dries.