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TwistFit Dual - Pedal Waist Rotator

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Fun Fitness: 

This slimming artifact makes your belly flatter, hips tighter, waist thinner, abs, buttocks and thighs slimmer by twisting your belly. Anyone can exercise at home. Enjoy moments of exercise and relaxation with your family.

A new generation of torque table: 

One for each foot, breaking the limit of the basic turntable, no noise, more flexible to adapt to various sports, integrate a pair of new generation belts into daily activities, and freely choose the way you want to exercise.

Special design: 

Lightweight and portable design, high-quality ABS and polypropylene structure, new waist rotating disc, bring you an extraordinary sports experience; bottom non-slip rubber, non-slip texture appearance combined with protection devices on both sides to ensure your safety and security during training..

Perfect service: 

For your better shopping experience, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide perfect after-sales service to meet your needs.

Body shaping training: 

Sitting position can not only rotate the waist, but also use the new version of the waist board for full-body exercise; dance, aerobic exercise, plank support, squats, lunges, push-ups and other exercises can reshape your body, about 257 kcal burns 30 minute. In addition, there is a convenient hook that allows you to use the resistance band for training.