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StampyContour-Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit Set

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Style and groom your eyebrows easily using this StampyContour! 

It enables individuals who frequently struggle to locate their eyebrows and have issues with makeup distance to rapidly obtain a pair of symmetrical and adequate eyebrow molds. It makes use of non-toxic and eco-friendly products, and instruments ranging from eyebrow powder to eyebrow brushes ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Easy-to-use - There's no need to waste time determining whether or not your brows are the same shape and size. The seal can assist you in resolving this issue. The soft mushroom head design holds powder well, and even beginners can color it rapidly.

Waterproof - It's waterproof and sweat-proof, so you won't have to worry about your brows fading and ruining your makeup when you go out. It assists you in remaining flawless throughout the day.

Multi-purpose - It is not only for thrush but also for eye shadow, hairline, and hiding facial flaws. Suitable for a variety of occasions, including party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, and so on.